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Feel like Beat - fancy some Rock?

It's this mixture that does the trick with BLAX. The joy of playing & of creation which BLAX keep for nearly two decades by only performing those songs which meet the liking & musical appreciation of their members - excepts maybe for a few compromises - is, what makes it... The Beat Goes On!

If BLAX enter the stage it's not merely to do a more or less well paid job, but to share the joy with the audience, that the boys have with this kind of music. Be it "Hot Rock" or "Unplugged", both are celebrated with the same dedication for the music. Not the "bread" is the criterion, but to re-vitalise the musical titbits from the 50ies to the 80ies in present time.

That the audience is included in many instances during the performance is equally obligatory to the fact that all is real "live" - BLAX do not use any playbacks or other pre-programmed cheats, which more & more tend to garble the gigs of many bands.

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